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Fairbourne Miniature Steam Railway

by ianjking

The Fairbourne Miniature Steam Railway

The Fairbourne Miniature Steam Railway has been running for more than a century. It started as a a two-foot narrow gauge horse-drawn tramway before being converted to a fifteen-inch gauge railway in 1916. It was completely rebuilt to a twelve-and-a-quarter inch gauge line in 1984.

It takes passengers from the village of Fairbourne to the southern shores of the magnificent Mawddach Estuary at “The Point”. Once you’ve reached the end of the line, you can either return on the train, or continue with a quarter of a mile journey to Barmouth over the Estuary on the Fairbourne to Barmouth Ferry.

While you’re at Barmouth, you can spend a while on the beautiful sandy beach, walk around the town with it’s lovely range of shops, or take a walk up in the hills for a stunning view of the Cardigan Coast.

When you’re ready to leave, you can take the Ferry back, or catch the train (of the full-size Cambrian Coast variety) to Morfa Mawddach Station. This travels over the half-a-mile-long Barmouth Bridge which also makes a great walk. Once you’re back on the southern side of the estuary, you can walk back along a grassy footpath, or catch a bus the the mile-and-a-half back to Fairbourne.

Map showing Fairbourne (Bottom) and Barmouth (Top) and the Route of The Fairbourne Miniature Steam Railway. Barmouth is not on the route, but can be visited by the small Ferry Boat in Summer.

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